A Fashion Designer

A Bridge Builder

Roman by way of an Italian father with a Haitian mother.
I represent an intersecting point between two seemingly opposite cultures.
It is a cultural distillate, and a cross-border fertilization project, that I narrate through fashion, which I understand to be a tool and not solely an aesthetic landing point.
Fashion it is a powerful international megaphone that allows beauty to make a pathway in the viewer, a pathway that, for me, transforms into a channel of integrationist contamination.
A collection is more than the sum of its garments; clothes can speak louder and in a more incisive manner than many words, somehow managing to ignite cultural fabric.
Muticulturalism is the gateway to social development.
The meeting of cultures, and the relative inclusiveness, is an irreversible choice to this very day. The point at which we could decide whether or not to deal with others different from us has already passed; the others are already part of us.

I am an example.
And I think it is clear I am irreversible.